Brush Sealing

Brushseals; stripbrushes, flexible brushes, pile and mailslots

We have expert knowledge of brush sealing solutions with a specialisation for customers in construction and industry. Sealings from Gezu improve the specifications of your product. Cooperation with the customer is key to our succes.

We can develop and manufacture any customer specific brush sealing solution. From our standard range of brushseals we deliver strip brushes in nylon, polypropulene, natural fibres or mixed hair. We have flexible brushes, pile and we are manufacturer of mailslot as they are commonly used in the UK.

Our expertise extends to product development, logistics and reliability. 

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  • July : Presentation results of our research into "the sealingbrush of the future".

Brush components

Unique is our combination between a brush and plastic injection moulding company. Benefit from our combined expertise in product development in production.

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