Sealing materials

Standard and customer specified sealing solutions

Brushes are flexible and durable solutions to many problems you may face. We like to think with you to find the best sealing (brush) for your application. Temparature, humidity, frequence and intensity of use, uv light and many more things have an influence on the functionality of the brush. The profile used depends on the way of montage. We supply many sealing solutions such as Nylon, polypropylene, mixed hair in a mixture of horse hair and synthetic fibers. The most common used solutions are standard products. We can manaufacture any brush to your specification or develop a complete new brush to suit your wishes

Brush strip

Stripbrushes with profile are easy to assemble and offer an flexible and durable sealing for any underground.

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Flexible brush

With a flexible brush you have a versatile sealing that helps you save on waste, space and logistics.

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This common solution for smaller gaps is versatile and relatively cheap. Selfadhesive, with or without fin, for in or outdoor use.

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Indoor letterbox

This sealing product is usually placed at the inside of the front door. With a stylish cover and a draughtstrip this can be a decorative element to the entrance.

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"The entrance makes all the difference"