Brush strip

nylon, polypropylene pp and mixed hair

Stripbrushes with profile are easy to assemble and offer an flexible and durable sealing for any underground.

We like to think with you to find the best sealing brush for your application. Temparature, humidity, frequence and intensity of use, uv light and many more things have an influence on the functionality of the brush strip. The profile used depends on the way of montage. We supply many sealing solutions such as nylon brushes, polypropylene brush and mixed hair in a mixture of horse hair and synthetic fiber brushes. The most common used solutions are standard sealing products. We can manaufacture any brush to your specification or develop a complete new draught or sealing brush to suit your wishes. Brush strips are manufactured in our factory in The Netherlands.

Visit door-line for our standard program strip brushes.

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We offer a choiche between a variety of profiles, at standard dimensions or to your specification. The F profile is fixed under the door while the H profile is fixed on the door.

Fire resistance

We have a variety of fibres that can help to improve the safety of your product in case of fire. We are glad to advise you in this matter.

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