Indoor letter box with draught strip

This sealing product is usually placed at the inside of the front door. With a stylish cover and a draughtstrip this can be a decorative element to the entrance.

The indoor letterbox cover with draught strip is not just an important draught sealing, it can also be a decorative element to the entrance. The letterplate with flap is a combination of a plastic component and a brush which shows very well where Gezu is capable of. We have a complete program of over 40 indoor letterplates, we can make customer specified letter boxes and we do OEM. Examples of our Gezu letterbox are the basic letterbox with draughtstrip, basic letterbox with plastic cover, and the indoor letterbox in stainless steel with matching draughtstrip in stainless steel. As the largest manufacturer of indoor letterboxes with our own brush production and plastic injection moulding in one factory in Holland, we can supply the best product at the best price.

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"The entrance makes all the difference"