Quality as reason of existence

Sealing produced under ISO

The reason of existence of Gezu is a regular base of satisfied and returning customers that rely on us for their sealing products. We have investigated why customers choose for Gezu.

- the service provided
- the technical specifications of our products
- reliability (of delivery)
- price / quality
- long lasting (personal) relationship which provides trust and improves communication

The specifications of a product, service or company are usually adressed as "quality". A term that can mean a lot and which is difficult to measure. To make this controllable we have been certified by Veritas under ISO 9001 (quality)

More and more people including ourselves believe that durability is an important issue. We are proud to be ISO 14001 (environment) certified.

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Product development

Stay ahead of competition and reduce price erosion by innovation with us.

In product development, we work with various engineering firms. We have executed projects for e.g. Philips and Braun.

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Efficiency by innovative logistics, smart packaging and using the right materials.

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"The entrance makes all the difference"